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FG Homogeneity - Park Installation

Projected digital film FG Homogeneity to play on loop

FG Carpark 1.jpg
FG Carpark 2.jpg
FG Carpark 4e.jpg

video excerpt documenting FG Homogeneity - Park Installation

1 minute 24 seconds

FG Park plus WARNING and BLURS
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FG Homogeneity - Park Installation

please click for large image for details of each work


Misbehaving Paintings: Grey Space

A misbehaving painting, Goodyear welting thread, nails, shoe sole rubber, suit fabric
230 x 200 x 152 cm

Grey space still 2.jpg
Grey Space Still 5.jpg
Grey Space Still 4.jpg

Video excerpt documenting how Grey Space can be experienced.  Participants are encouraged to play with the space until they either run out of energy or interest.  1 minute 29 seconds.