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No Captcha Thanks

In a time when the computer program Captcha is commonly used to distinguish whether or not the user is human, a selection of work by 9 London based artists embraces physical and sensory experience through a variety of approaches to the art object’s material support be it canvas, panel, or paper.


The support provides the artists with a palpable surface on which they impart their expression with the use of paint, graphite, ink, found objects, or deep-fried batter. We are invited into a world void of computer codes where we may detect traces left by bodily movement, catch a reflection or enter the personal space of a painting.

Alexander Stavrou

Gala Bell

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Iulia Filipovscaia

Joonhong Min

M. Lohrum

Pablo Castañeda Santana

Robert Bell

Rupert Whale

Curated by Alexander Stavrou

Private View: Friday 20th September 6-9pm

Show Dates: 21st - 29th September

Mon - Wed: by appointment

Thu - Sun: 12-6pm

Offshoot Gallery

162 High Road

N2 9AS

Tube: East Finchley

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